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William Gillette – The First Sherlock


William Gillette, an American actor/manager, was the first actor to play Sherlock Holmes. He is seen here in a publicity shot for the 1899 play “Sherlock Holmes”, written by Gillette, with elements from several Conan Doyle stories.



Original B&W photo.

Teenage Brian May


16 year old Brian May, in 1963, with the new “Red Special” guitar he and his father made with wood from an 18th century fireplace.



Original B&W photo.

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inauguration.


Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, 4th March 1865,taken by Alexander Gardner. On 9th April, General Robert E. Lee surrendered, practically ending the American Civil War, and 5 days later Lincoln was killed. His assassin, John Wilkes Booth, is reputed to be in this photo.



Original B&W photo.



John Wilkes Booth,

Beatrix Potter


19 year old Beatrix Potter, of “Peter Rabbit” fame, in 1885, with one of the many pets she had over the years, this one a mouse called Xarifa.



Original B&W photo.

More Dalekmania!

Outside the Planetarium, Baker Street 20 08 1964b

Daleks from their second story, “Dalek Invasion of Earth”, outside the London Planetarium, 20th August 1964.



Outside the Planetarium, Baker Street 20 08 1964

Original B&W photo.

Annie Oakley


A cabinet card, from the 1880s, of Annie Oakley.



Original sepia photo.

Mary, Princess of Wales

1902 Princess Mary's gown for Edward VII's coronation4a

Mary, Princess of Wales, attending the coronation of her father in law, Edward VII, on 9th August 1902.


1902 Princess Mary's gown for Edward VII's coronation

Original B&W photo.