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Queen Victoria, Great-Grandmother

Victoria and grandchildren2

Queen Victoria with four of her many great-grandchildren, in 1900.

The original card I worked from has some misleading text using names not normally associated with the people, making identification of some of the subjects difficult, but I think I’ve worked out who’s who now.

The girl in the chair, wearing the hat, is Princess Mary, later to become Countess of Harewood.

The boy standing next to her is the future King Edward VIII, with his successor, George VI seated on the cushion on the ground.

The baby being held by Victoria is Prince Henry, later the Duke of Gloucester.

The four children were the offspring of the then Duke and Duchess of York, who would eventually become King George V and Queen Mary. They would have two more children, but not until after Victoria’s death in 1901.

by Hughes & Mullins, albumen panel card, 1900

by Hughes & Mullins, albumen panel card, 1900

Original sepia card.


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