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Verity Lambert at the Planetarium

dalek at Planetarium

Verity Lambert, the first producer of Doctor Who, posing for a publicity photo at the London Planetarium in Baker Street during location shooting for the second Dalek story, “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” in August 1964. The Daleks were modified for this story with a disc on its back, to explain why they could move about freely, having been confined to their city because they were supposed to be powered by static electricity in the first story the year before. The modification was quietly dropped in all subsequent Dalek stories.

Behind Verity and the Dalek is a Zeiss projector, used to project an image of astronomical objects on the inside of a dome. The Baker Street Planetarium no longer exists, and the building is now used to house celebrity-themed shows, though there is still a planetarium at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.


dalek at Planetarium

Original B&W photo.

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